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Freelander Love

A Kate Freelander Fan Community

A Kate Freelander Fan Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Community rules:

→ Don't bash. This applies to the show, actress, character, fan opinions, religious beliefs, sexuality, etc. Don't have anything nice to say? Don't say it.
→ Respect other members and their opinions (this goes hand in hand with the rule directly above). This is not the place to start a fandom war.
→ Don't steal. If you use graphics or other fanmade material, credit the original maker.
→ Spoilers for season three need to be behind a cut with a warning for spoilers.
→ A mod will tag your entry.
→ Have a question or a problem? Please contact a mod immediately.

Posting rules:

Please read the rules before posting.


→ Hosting a ficathon, thingathon, or exchange? Have a comm you'd like to promote? Please contact a mod about promoting it here.


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